Deep in heart of Texas is heart of Formula 1 in US

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) The Circuit of the Americas was cut out of the rocky soil just outside of the state capital of Texas.

Getting there requires a drive from Austin's glowing and growing urban core past trailer parks, a landfill, flea markets and miles of rolling hills dotted with goats and horses. But once there, its landmark 250-foot (77-meter) observation tower and red-white-and-blue racing stripes announce a racetrack that has been become the heart and soul of Formula One in the U.S.

Attempts to create street races in cities such as New York, Las Vegas and Miami have failed or stalled, but the U.S. Grand Prix will run this week at its Texas home for the seventh time. Once again, the race figures prominently in the title chase. Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton can close out Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel to clinch his fifth season championship on a track where he has won five times.


Formula 1 Leaders: Points
1 L.Hamilton 331 9
2 S.Vettel 264 5
3 V.Bottas 207 0
4 K.Raikkonen 196 0
5 M.Verstappen 173 1
6 D.Ricciardo 146 2
7 S.Perez 53 0
8 K.Magnussen 53 0
9 N.Hulkenberg 53 0
10 F.Alonso 50 0
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